Monday, November 26, 2007

Night Owl or Early Riser?

You’ll remember that I am posting a ___ or ___ question every once in a while, just to mix things up a bit in an attempt to learn more about my readers and fellow bloggers. I’m hoping this will just be a fun little way to learn more about each other as we continue our wonderful journey through the blogosphere.

So, today I’m wanting to know if you are a “Night Owl” or an “Early Riser?” Are you one that likes to stay up late, or would you prefer to hit the sack early so that you can get up in the morning feeling refreshed? Maybe where you currently are on this is not where you would prefer to be!

I am much more of a morning person than a night owl. I can get up feeling rather well in the morning, but I’ll fall asleep during a late night movie 85-90% of the time! My real problem, however, came right after college (when I first started working). See, I had groomed myself in college to be a night owl, but then realized that I needed to switch back to a morning person so I could get to work on time. I’ll tell you this: Being a mixture of both can be bad news. I was staying up way to late, and getting up way too early!

So what about the rest of you? Are you night owls or morning people? Please share! Let’s see where the conversation leads us!

Also, I will be on a short hiatus for a few days. I have found myself a bit overwhelmed as I try to finish up a paper and presentation for a Wednesday night graduate class I take from Tim Johnson, as well as study for an exam for a different graduate class on Tuesday. The deadlines are fast approaching. It’s crunch time, so I’ve got to "DO THIS!" (sorry, just a little motivational pep talk for myself). I’ll try to be back in full force by Thursday.

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Bob said...

Since college days, I've pretty much of necessity been an early riser most of my life. Like you, my body tends to start shutting down for the evening around 10 pm... :-\

Anonymous said...

Early riser? I can't stay up late and need my coffee in the morning. I also have troubles exercising in the morning.

Timothy Johnson said...

I'm more of a 10 AM through 1 PM kind of guy. No seriously, I can do either/or since having kids... it's all a function of how I train my body. In the summer months, I tend to be more of an early riser. In the winter, I'm more of a night owl.

J. Erik Potter said...

My preference has always been night owl, however 2 boys+MBA+commute=early to bed/early to rise.

Maybe that will change once my life settles down. . .HA!

Eric Peterson said...

Robert - Thanks for taking part in my little exercise. I do think it's fun learning more about everyone, even if it is just little tidbits here and there.

Bob - I have to have my coffee as well. I don't function real well without it, however, I do still consider myself a morning person. Oh, and I have troubles exercising (any time of the day)!

Tim - 10am through 1pm sounds awesome! We can dream can't we? Do you think it's harder in general to get up early in the winter? It's always dark and cold! I'd rather stay under the covers

Erik - I used to consider myself a night owl, but yes! 2 girls+MBA+work = lack of sleep!!

April Groves said...

Early riser - most definitely. I think after the day goes on, I have processed so much information that I have to defrag in the evening and nothing much new can come out of my brain. In the morning though, it is fresh and new!

Great question!

Eric Peterson said...

April - I'm with you! By the time the evening rolls around, my mental capacity for decision making has gone down considerably. It's much more of a "mental" tiredness than a "physical" tiredness for me!

Thank you for your thoughts, April. I appreciate them!