Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pursuing the OS!M

Okay, so I have to pass this on to everyone! Liz Strauss has a a great video posted of Steve Farber explaining the OS!M pursuit by extreme leaders (see Liz's post on "Steve Farber and the OS!M).

Why does this excite me? Two reasons:

1) I love discussion on leadership, motivation, and other topics, and I am constantly striving for more knowledge, and

2) I've recently been turned into a big Steve Farber fan through a graduate class I'm taking at Drake University (which just happens to be taught by Timothy Johnson).

Anyway, for this class, we have had to read Steve's first book "The Radical Leap," and we are just getting ready to dive into his second book "The Radical Edge." (I'll let you know how that one reads in a few days). If you don't know of Steve, I must tell you that he really is a great mind when it comes to the topic of leadership. His books are set up as business fables, which make them very easy to read, and very easy to comprehend. I would recommend that everyone who gets the chance to, should pick up these books.

There are all kinds of great leaders out there, and from what I've read and heard, Steve Farber is one of them. If you're looking for a bit more information on Steve or his books, you can check out a previous post of mine on true leaders vs. posers. You can also head over to Liz's blog, or check out this post from Terry Starbucker. Better yet though, why don't you check out Steve's Blog for yourself and sign up for his free audio series download?

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Anonymous said...

Eric - Liz really hit the nail on the head. You can hear her excitement in her writing. I thought the video clip was great and can't wait until I have 24 minutes to watch the video Steve posted. I've seen Up with People and they have a good thing going.

Eric Peterson said...

I haven't watched Steve's video either yet. I subscribed to his free audio seminar series. He sends out a few short audio clips every week. I still need to listen to them.