Saturday, November 10, 2007

UPDATED: A Book Meme - Will You Participate?

Books! I've just found a fairly new love! I must say thank you to Troy Worman and April Groves for tagging me for this book meme. Troy was tagged by Phil Gerbyshack, who was tagged by Matthew and back through Karen and Lisa. Troy also tagged April who then tagged me.

I have to tell you that I grew up hating to read! I know....."What a wasted youth" ;) But, when you grow up a sports addict in the video game era, books don't really do much for you. However, in the last half decade, I have really turned things around and realized how much learning can take place from reading. I've been slowly building my knowledge arsenal and the information below has been part of my inspiration. So here it is, a book meme.

The Protocol: Answer 5 questions. Tag 5 booklovers.

The Questions:
1) How many books do you own?
2) What was the last book you read?
3) What was the last book you purchased?
4) What five books are most meaningful to you?
5) What is your most obscure favorite book? Or, favorite most obscure booK?

My answers:
1) Probably 80-100 books - Remember, I just recently found my love for reading!
2) "The Age of Conversation" was read for a graduate class. Talk about a cool book. See my previous post on this book here.
3) The Radical Edge by Steve Farber and The Case For Christ by Lee Stroebel - I'm currently reading these now
4) "God is My CEO," "The Power of Focus," "Enlightened Office Politics," "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," "Fathers Living a Life of Leadership...God's Way," "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"
5) "ESPN College Football Encyclopedia: The Complete History of the Game"

I've got to say thanks again to Troy and April for the tags. Here's who I'm tagging:

Bob Loch, Erik Potter, Timothy Johnson, Ann Michael, Don Frederiksen

YOU'RE IT! Enjoy.


J. Erik Potter said...

Doh! Saw this one coming. I've got to make some more blog buddies fast!

Thanks for the tag, Eric.

Eric Peterson said...

Me too!! It was fun though. Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me. Quite the challenge. See you two tomorrow night.

Eric Peterson said...

Bob - Thanks for participating. It was fun. I wonder what others (more experienced bloggers) think of these memes. I know some like doing them, but I'm sure others don't really participate.