Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Motivated Couch Potato!?

I had a conversation a number of years ago with a teacher about laziness and motivation (I wish I could remember exactly who this conversation was with), and we were arguing whether or not a “lazy” person (let’s call him Mr. Couch Potatohead) was motivated to be lazy, or just simply not motivated. To put it another way: Is laziness attributed to a “lack of motivation,” or does it actually take a person to be motivated to be lazy! Are you confused yet?

Let’s discuss!

You hear it all the time. “I’m just not motivated today!” This statement is usually said by someone who is sitting on the couch watching television, or may have been said by a coworker who has been very unproductive for the day. But, are they truly “unmotivated,” or are they actually “very motivated” to sit and do nothing. Maybe they are not motivated to work, but they ARE motivated to be lazy? Of course, let’s also realize that I am talking about true “laziness” and not someone who is just taking a little time to “relax.”

What are your thoughts on the subject? Is Mr. Couch Potatohead truly lacking motivation? Or, is Mr. Couch Potatohead just extremely motivated to eat his bag of chips while sitting on the couch accomplishing nothing? I used to think laziness involved a lack of motivation, but this teacher really got me going in the direction that a person had to be motivated to be lazy.

The next set of questions is for those that believe laziness is attributed to “being motivated to be lazy:” Is there any such thing, then, as a “lack of motivation.” Can a person lack motivation? Or, aren’t we always “motivated” to be doing something (or for that matter: nothing)?

That is my philosophical thought for the week? Please let me know your thoughts on it!

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Timothy Johnson said...

Wow... this is a thought provoker, Eric. I would have to say that in college, it seems like people are almost motivated to be lazy. I try to set up the opportunity for success.

One other element in here is apathy... do people care?

Eric Peterson said...

I agree with you in that I think college students (the "lazy" ones)are motivated to be lazy. But, what about other demographics and situations? The workplace....Family life.... Blogging :)...., etc? Are these people motivated to be lazy? Or, do they just lack "motivation." I may need a "motivational expert" for this one!! Or a philosopher!?

Also, very good point about apathy. There are people out there that just don't care to get things done. I was always amazed by the number of college kids that "flunked out." I've always felt that you really had to TRY HARD to flunk!! Or, maybe they judt didn't try at all, because they just didn't care!

I would sure like to get other thoughts on this topic!