Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Fork in the Road (or) Just a Showertime Dilemma?

I was at a fork in the road of sorts this morning. I was taking my morning shower when I realized that I was out of soap. What an interesting dilemma I had. Do I take the “skip-the-soap” road that possibly leads me to a funky body odor all day at work? Or, do I take the “use-my-wife’s-cherry-blossom-Bath-and-Body-Works-fruity-kind” road that possibly leads me to a less manly, more feminine smelling body all day at work? Well, after minimum deliberation on the choice at hand, I went with the “Cherry Blossom” body wash! See, for me, I would rather smell like fruity flowers, than a sweaty gym sock!

It’s all about choices isn’t it? I mean, aren’t we reaching forks in the road every day? Decisions have to be made. Different roads have to be taken. Obviously, the fork in the road to start my day wasn’t a “major” decision with possible “major” consequences. But, what about some of those major forks in the road we do encounter in work and in life? What are your experiences with these? What forks have you come across? What decisions have you had to make?
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J. Erik Potter said...

Total digression: I always think of "The Muppet Movie" whenever I hear that expression! Kermit and Fozzie movin' right along. . .

Too many times forks can become roadblocks in the decision making process; I'd rather go with the flow than dwell on any one decision for too long.

Eric Peterson said...


Ah, The Muppet Movie! I love that movie.

You have a good point about forks becoming roadblocks. I tend to overanalyze many decisions, waiting too long to pull the trigger on one decision, when a quick fire approach may be better.