Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Reach Out and Touch Faith"

So I was on my way home the other night, flippin’ through radio stations in my car, when Depeche Mode’s song “Personal Jesus” started resonating from my speakers. The specific lyric that first hit my ear was the chorus line of “reach out and touch faith.” I’m sure you all have heard this song before. Heck, I can probably sing the whole song to you right here if you wanted me to (of course, you would have to be prepared to enjoy the screeching of dying mules)!

For some reason though, this night, this lyric really stuck with me for a couple reasons:

1) “Reach out and touch faith.” To touch faith. I just don’t know if I can grasp that idea. Let me explain, by giving you my definition of faith as I see it:

To me, faith is a strong belief in something where there is no proof. It is a belief in something that is not there. That cannot be seen. My Christian faith is a belief in a God that cannot be seen, or heard, or physically touched (although many people do feel the presence of God and do hear the words of God). So, how do you reach out and touch faith? How do you touch something that is not there and cannot be seen? Interesting! Happy Contemplating!

2) Faith and Leadership. Faith in leaders and faith of leaders.

How do you put your faith in others? How do others put there faith in you? How do you really know that these people have “faith” in you as a leader? I mean, you can’t see it (as I’ve defined it). Maybe they’ve told you they have faith in you. Maybe their actions confirm their faith in you. But, how do you really know? I guess the only way to know is by your faith. It has to be your faith in them that allows you to know that they have faith in you. Whew….Life is full of faith, isn’t it?

Final thought/conversation piece: How do you instill faith in your workers/friends/family/etc? What do you look for in others that make you say, “Wow, I am going to put my faith in him or her?” I’ll start the list:

They’re honest
They follow through
They’re compassionate
They listen
….Your lists here….

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