Monday, December 31, 2007

"Fill 'Er Up Please!"

You don’t see many full service stations around much anymore, do you? Well, at least not here in the Midwest anyway. Maybe it’s because as a society, we are becoming more independent. Or, maybe as a business, service stations didn’t feel it was value added to the customer. Or, (I hope this isn’t the case), maybe customers became less grateful over the years, and failed to tip well. I haven’t done any research on the subject, so I really have no idea what the reasoning is. All I know is that I could remember a time when my parents would roll down their windows and say “Fill ‘er Up Please…..Unleaded will do just fine,” (sorry if I have dated some of you ;)). But now, you just don’t hear that anymore.

So what’s the point, you ask? Well, for some reason, this service station scenario popped into my head while I was reading the book How Full is Your Bucket, by Tom Rath and Donald Clifton. Well, not so much the service station, as the automobiles that come in for the fuel. See, in the book, the authors really stress the importance of filling others’ buckets with positive events (hence, the “Fill ‘er Up Please” quote). See, everyone has this internal bucket, and others can either dip from the bucket with negatives, or fill the bucket with positives. As others dip from your bucket, you lose motivation, become less productive, and in turn continue the cycle as you begin to dip from others. However, as other people fill your bucket with positive interactions and comments, your morale increases, your productivity increases, and the workplace can become a more thriving workplace. In fact, they have researched and researched and realized that the magic ratio is 5:1. That is, production becomes most efficient at 5 positive interactions, to every one negative interaction.

So, how does this relate to a car? Let’s think about this a minute. Your car needs to be constantly filled with fuel (the positives) to be able to produce (that is run). If your fuel tank (the car’s bucket) runs out of those positives, then it stops. It can’t perform. Isn’t this similar to humans? As people constantly introduce negatives into our world, don’t we begin to perform less and less, until at some point, our bucket becomes empty and we just give up? Apathy sets in? We have to be conscious of this, and remember that people need praise and need to be “filled up.”

I want to recommend this book to all of you. It has really opened my eyes as to how I interact with others. It’s amazing what very minor changes in both verbal and nonverbal cues can do. It can mean the difference between a negative experience and a positive one for others. Remember, as you fill others’ buckets, yours will be filled as well!

What do you think? Do you agree with this book? Let me know your thoughts, so we can begin a discussion!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Well, Christmas has come and gone with a snap of the fingers. All of the holiday shopping, the Christmas movie watching, and Santa Clausing has been here....and now gone.

It was a hectic time of year for many (myself included), as plans were made with relatives and friends. Travel was abundant. The snow was abundant (especially here in Iowa, which is welcome since we haven't had a "white Christmas" for a few years)! It was a crazy time indeed (for my family)...........but a good "crazy!"

Time was definitely precious the last few days, as we traveled to and from various family's homes. But, it was amazing as well, spending quality time with relatives, friends, and especially our kids! It was awesome to see how our toddler's eyes lit up when she realized that Santa had eaten the cookies, and drank the milk that she left out for him. It may not sound so amazing to you, but when my wife and I realized that the most exciting part of Christmas to her was giving (giving Santa cookies) over getting spoiled with gifts, we knew that she understood what Christmas was all about. It was also awesome to see our 6 month old baby's eyes light up as she opened her first present on her very first Christmas!

I know the memories will be plenty from this year's Christmas celebration with family, but more importantly than that was for me and my family to remember the true celebration of Christmas: the birth of Jesus. If you are wanting to know more about the true meaning of Christmas (for Christians anyway), you have to check out this post by Robert Hruzek

So, from my family to all of yours: We hope you had a great Christmas and we wish you a magical 2008! Don't forget to take a step back, inhale deeply, and enjoy this holiday season. And, may God bless all of you in the upcoming year!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wise Beyond His Years

My wife sent me this in an email, and I had to pass it on! This really touches home with me due to my Christian faith. However, even if you aren't a religious type, I feel this clip is a touching clip and teaches a valuable lesson, not only in life, but also leadership!

There are many lessons learned from this clip. Besides a very important one: that God understands what you are going through, there is another lesson learned when dealing with leadership. Being wise in your leadership is learning from your past mistakes. The gentleman in the clip summed it up great: "Yeah, but see buddy: That's what makes you wise. Somebody that learns from their mistakes!"

We all make mistakes. It's how we choose to react to those mistakes. I say own it, fix it, learn from it, and move on.

note: youtube video courtesy of fr8nklozano

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Consistent Follow Through

“You’ve got to be more consistent in your follow through.” These words were spoken to me early on in my bowling career. Well, I should say my bowling hobby, since I sure don’t make any money doing it.

See, for a bowler, follow through is an extremely important aspect of the game. You can have a great approach, a brand new ball, but if you stop your arm as soon as you lay the ball down, it will slide out and not make it back to the 1-3 pocket, thereby limiting your chance of a strike. Follow through is what puts the revs on the ball, and what allows the ball to turn over and head for the pocket. Of course, I could “geek out” here and explain the other aspects of bowling, like oil pattern, ball speed, ball selection (including cover stock choice, weight block design, radius of gyration, differential, skid/flip), the geometry of line selection; but I’m not going to do that. What’s important here (and my main point of this post), is that follow through is extremely important.

Of course, isn’t follow through extremely important in leadership as well? I found myself asking that question recently when I realized that I am becoming a typical “manager,” in that I talk a good game. However, true leadership is distinguished by not only what you say, but also what you do; your follow through. That is where I have begun to struggle, and where I am focusing my efforts; following through with action, on the words I choose to say.

How important is follow through?

  • Follow through builds trust

  • Follow through builds respect (even when that follow through is on a disciplinary action)

  • Follow through builds confidence

It shows that you will do what you say you will do, and that is what people look for in a leader. They don’t want someone who is all fluff and no substance. Follow through is extremely important, and to your followers, even the small things matter!

I’ve got to be honest here: I have lacked in my follow through the last several months. It’s a weakness that I have found, that I am going to be pouring my focus into. So, how are you on follow through? What keeps you from following through? I’ll have more thoughts on this in a later post, but I want to know your thoughts now!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Two “Simple, Yet Powerful Words”

Human nature tells us we need to feel appreciated. We need to be “lifted up.” We need to be praised. Employees need this; friends need this; Co-workers need this; our bosses need this. So, in sticking with my theme, I feel there are two more simple, yet powerful words that can be used: “Good Job” (or Well Done)!

“Good Job” are two more simple words that can be very powerful to a lot of people. Employees/Subordinates/Coworkers/Family/Friends (you name it), need to hear these two words. Of course, I’m not advocating false praise here. You shouldn’t just go around spewing out these two words to anyone and everyone, increasing the chance of dilution. I mean, everyone needs to be lifted up and appreciated, but not when the praise is undeserving.

On the contrary, the receiver of these words needs to truly be deserving of them. When someone has done something well, then you need to acknowledge that job well done. It’s really about accountability, isn’t it? So many managers and leaders today do a great job of holding others accountable when a mistake happens, or something goes wrong and fails. But, I say we need to be equally good at holding others accountable when something goes right; or when success happens. In fact, I would say that it is more important to hold others accountable for their successes by sharing these two simple, yet powerful words than it is for their mistakes.

I’ve seen leaders throughout my life who constantly harp, constantly criticize. They’re always looking for the negatives, the improvements. Trust me, I’m a perfectionist. I’m constantly analyzing my accomplishments and how I can improve upon them. However, when it comes to other’s accomplishments, I am willing to leave a job well done, at just that! “Good Job!” If there’s room for improvement, maybe as leaders we should save that conversation for another time and let the person bask in his/her accomplishment and praise.

But of course, I’m just one man; one idea; one opinion. I want to know what you think! Is it just as important to share the “Good Jobs” as it is the mistakes? What are your thoughts?
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Friday, December 14, 2007

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Troy Worman at OrbitNow! has started an Outstanding Blog meme. The list of blogs that he has compiled is amazing, and I am honored that he has included this blog on his list. More importantly though, this list provides a huge amount of qualtiy reading material. I can't wait to start diving into some of these other Outstanding Blogs. I really hope you all will take the time to visit these as well. The task looks daunting, but it can be done (it may just take a little time).

So, without further delay.....I hope you enjoy your travels through the wonderful blogosphere! Remember...This is Troy's list...I'm just "paying it forward" (with a couple of my additions at the end).

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Where Did He Go?

"Wait! What time is it? What day is it? Where have I been? Has it really been 2-1/2 weeks since my last post? Oh one will come back. I've let everyone down. My reader's are going to be dissapointed. Have I just created "blogger suicide" by taking too long off between posts? My head's spinning......." Okay, time to slow down and take a step back, and let's try to explain what's been going on.

Yes, these were all thoughts going through my mind the last couple weeks. I wish I had some great excuse for not writing in 2-1/2 weeks, but I don't know that I do. I've been stuck. In a funk. Maybe it was writer's block, (which is just a myth as shown here by Scott Ginsberg), or blogger's block? The thing is, I have lots of topics I want to write about, but I just haven't gotten it done. I've still been "out there," in the blogosphere, reading and commenting, but I failed to give my own blog the proper attention it needed. And for that, I must apologize, and ask my readers for forgiveness.

So, where did I go? After some reflection, I realized that much has transpired in the last two and a half weeks. My 2-1/2 year old daughter contracted Pneumonia, and my 5 month old daughter has an ear infection and RSV (a nasty virus that attacks the respiratory system). Couple those with one of the most busy times at work I have ever seen, and "Voila!" as they say! My mental capacity became drained very easily.

I know those are just excuses, but to me, they are very valid. Beyond that though, I think it's important to realize that many people hit the "mental wall." Tim Johnson just posted on his website the other day about his struggle with writer's block (or maybe it's thinker's block) on his new book. April Groves talked about finding balance on her blog. Well, I realized that the last 2-1/2 weeks I was knocked out of balance when the tight rope I was walking on snapped.

Lucky for me, there are places to turn when needing a swift kick in the pants (or at least a little motivation). Joanna Young over at confident writing had a post on 5 tips to beating blogger's block. If you ever find yourself in my shoes the last couple weeks, give it a look. Or, you could email Tim Johnson asking for a swift kick in the a--. He is very responsive and seemed eager to help ;)

Seriously, though, thank you to those that questioned where I'd been and what I'd been up to. I do apologize to the readers for taking such a long break....But hey, in my previous post I did say I was taking a "short hiatus, returning on Thursday." I guess I failed to mention which Thursday!

Thank your for your patience. I'm officially back - full strength. Look for good stuff in the coming days!
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Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Just Another Day!

Another year older and another year wiser (so I hope)!

I know that your birthday is suppose to be a special day, but for me today seems like "just another day." Of course, I'm sure it had to do with having to go to work today. Couple that with spending my evening at a coffee shop studying and working on a paper and presentation. (Now, before we decide to lynch the professors that are causing me this work, I better let you know that I do have an art for procrastination)! I know...I know...It's a terrible habit (procrastination, that is), and it's one I hope to break very soon!

But, although it seems like just another day, it's still a day to celebrate! The good Lord has given me another year on this planet. Another year with my family. Another year with my friends. It's been a very good year for me. One full of growth. My family grew by one very special girl (my 4-1/2 month old), and I feel that I have grown both personally and professionally.

So, although today may sound "ho-hum," I've still been able to keep a positive and grateful attitude. Why? Because although every day is just another day, it's still a day to celebrate!

Here's to hoping your days are days of celebration!

P.S>I must send out a "Happy Birthday" wish to two good friends of mine since high school. I've been blessed to share this wonderful day with the both of them.

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Night Owl or Early Riser?

You’ll remember that I am posting a ___ or ___ question every once in a while, just to mix things up a bit in an attempt to learn more about my readers and fellow bloggers. I’m hoping this will just be a fun little way to learn more about each other as we continue our wonderful journey through the blogosphere.

So, today I’m wanting to know if you are a “Night Owl” or an “Early Riser?” Are you one that likes to stay up late, or would you prefer to hit the sack early so that you can get up in the morning feeling refreshed? Maybe where you currently are on this is not where you would prefer to be!

I am much more of a morning person than a night owl. I can get up feeling rather well in the morning, but I’ll fall asleep during a late night movie 85-90% of the time! My real problem, however, came right after college (when I first started working). See, I had groomed myself in college to be a night owl, but then realized that I needed to switch back to a morning person so I could get to work on time. I’ll tell you this: Being a mixture of both can be bad news. I was staying up way to late, and getting up way too early!

So what about the rest of you? Are you night owls or morning people? Please share! Let’s see where the conversation leads us!

Also, I will be on a short hiatus for a few days. I have found myself a bit overwhelmed as I try to finish up a paper and presentation for a Wednesday night graduate class I take from Tim Johnson, as well as study for an exam for a different graduate class on Tuesday. The deadlines are fast approaching. It’s crunch time, so I’ve got to "DO THIS!" (sorry, just a little motivational pep talk for myself). I’ll try to be back in full force by Thursday.

Other Posts in the ___ or ___ series:

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blogospheric Tailored Thanksgivings

Happy thanksgiving to all!

As I sit here reflecting on everything I’m thankful for, I have realized that I could go on for hours. I am most thankful for my wife and my daughters, my career, my true friends, laughter, happiness, my current place in life……..and on and on I could go. Really though, my previous post on my belief statement could help serve as a list of things I’m thankful for.

So, instead of laying out everything I’m thankful for, (as that will be reserved for my family gathering on Thursday), I thought I would tailor the following thanksgivings to what and who I have been thankful for over the last two and a half months from a blogospheric perspective.

I’m thankful for…..

Timothy Johnson because he was my inspiration to enter the wonderful blogosphere – and he is a creative mind with a big heart
Troy Worman and all the connections he has created through his compassion and generosity – and for the honor of being called an ON! Blog
Liz Strauss
for opening up her blog on Tuesdays for many to gather for great conversations, Klondike’s, Fat Tires, and fellowship
J. Erik Potter and Bob Loch (two fellow blogging classmates) for continued support, as well as their help and advice on this blogging journey – and for the building of new relationships
Ann Michael for the great discussions we’ve had on her site at Manage to Change
Erika Andersen for initiating our first conversation – and for the inspiration for my “Two Simple, Yet Powerful Words” series
Steve Farber for being the first one to post a comment on my blog (what an honor!) – and for the inspiration I gained from reading his two books
Don Frederiksen’s teachings on how to “lead quietly”
Starbucker’s inspiration for getting me to start to think about my “belief statement”
Drew McLellan’s thoughts on how to begin to change the world – and for his guest lecture in class on social media
Robert Hruzek’s “What I Learned From…..” group writing project and his other thought provoking and inspiring posts
April Groves’ and her passion for children
And, the great conversations, discussions, learning I have been a part of.

I know I’m leaving out so many others. I want to say “Thank You” to everyone who has not only visited this site, but who has allowed me to meander on theirs. Your passion and your writings really do inspire others!
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Monday, November 19, 2007

My Belief Statement

My original inspiration for this post came from Starbucker's recent post on his belief statement. As I have been compiling my list over the last few weeks, I was "unintentionally" reminded by Drew McLellan's post that it was time to get my belief statement out there. I am confident that this statement will change over the next several months/years as major life events continue to occur, however, it is my hope that this statement remains largely in tact, no matter where I am in life's journey. So, here is my belief statement (in no particular order):

I believe in.........God's mercy and grace, the covenant of marriage, my wife's decisions in everything she does, the authenticity of both my daughters' smiles, constant learning and continuing education, humor as a healer, the ability to laugh at myself, the power of a "thank you", the power of the blogosphere, leading the team in "assists", taking a pitch, a grande-nonfat-extra hot-almond-latte, the perfect 300 game, the strike of a largemouth bass on a yamamoto senko, serving as a role model for others (especially young adults and my kids), a purebread Beagle, a dog serving as anyone's best friend, eternal life, my family, a Cubs world series win in my lifetime, the Iowa State Cyclones, the Drake Bulldogs, empowering others, relaxing on the couch, a hot and steamy shower, the contagious power of a smile, the pursuit of perfection, God's forgiveness, prayer, and the continual search for conversations on leadership and motivation.

What is your belief statement? I'm sure I've let out some things in mine (so I will probably be updating it rather soon!).

Courtesy of Drew McLellan's blog, these are other people and their posts on their belief statements:
Starbucker Ellen Weber Maria Palma Mike Sansone Tom Vander Well Mary Schmidt

Friday, November 16, 2007

Two More Simple, Yet Powerful Words

I’ve decided to kick off a series of posts pertaining to “Two Simple, Yet Powerful Words.” You’ll remember in my previous post that I tackled the words “Thank You.” I suppose you could also go back to another previous post where I talked about “Just Smile.” So, what’s on the docket this week you ask?

We’re all human and we all WILL make mistakes. It’s a part of life. No one is perfect (although I constantly strive for perfection). We all have those times when we let others down. We may fail to follow through on a promise. We may say something we later regret. In business, we may be late on a delivery, err on a decision, or fail on our quality. The point is humans make mistakes, which brings us to this week’s two simple and powerful words: “I’m Sorry.”

I know! It’s tough for some of us to admit fault and to take ownership of our mistakes. But, that is exactly what needs to happen. When you screw up: Accept it, Fix it, and Apologize. People need to hear "I'm Sorry." When they are feeling let down, depleted, wronged (and we are the cause of these feelings), then we need to say these two simple, yet very powerful words. Being able to admit fault and apologize for that fault can help a leader gain respect from his/her followers.

It’s really about accountability, isn’t it? As managers/leaders, we are always taught to hold others accountable. But, don’t we first need to start by holding ourselves accountable? We won’t gain the respect of our peers/subordinates/employees/bosses, until we are accountable for our actions (whether they are successes or failures/mistakes)!

Erika Andersen over at The Simplest Thing That Works has a great post on “Just Say Sorry.”
Here is an excerpt from her post:

"My opinion? Refusing to acknowledge that you're wrong is a sign of weakness. And lame apologies are worse than no apologies at all. Seth Godin has a great list in a recent blog post, of apologies from worst to best. "

"The two kinds of fake apologies I dislike the most are the I-couldn't-help-it-so-it's-not-really-my-fault apology and the it's-really-your-problem apology. "

Erika really nails it on the head doesn’t she? We can’t just say we’re sorry. We have to really mean it. The apology must be authentic!

Did you read Erika’s post? She has a great story on the nicest apology she has ever received? What about all of you? Tell me your stories (both good and bad). Let’s discuss and really show the power of these two simple words!
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