Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wise Beyond His Years

My wife sent me this in an email, and I had to pass it on! This really touches home with me due to my Christian faith. However, even if you aren't a religious type, I feel this clip is a touching clip and teaches a valuable lesson, not only in life, but also leadership!

There are many lessons learned from this clip. Besides a very important one: that God understands what you are going through, there is another lesson learned when dealing with leadership. Being wise in your leadership is learning from your past mistakes. The gentleman in the clip summed it up great: "Yeah, but see buddy: That's what makes you wise. Somebody that learns from their mistakes!"

We all make mistakes. It's how we choose to react to those mistakes. I say own it, fix it, learn from it, and move on.

note: youtube video courtesy of fr8nklozano

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Andrew B. Clark said...

OH MAN... c'mon! I ran across that the other day, and it still kills me.

I listen to the honesty of children - having three brutally honest kids of my own - and it astounds me how clear their thought process is when it comes to compassion, truth, and leadership.

So why, as we get older, do the lines get blurry?

You have a great blog here.

Keep Cooking!

Eric Peterson said...

Andrew - It's safe to say it was a bit of a "tear jerker."

You are right on too. Kids are very honest about their thoughts. I think as we get older, other motivators begin to "blur the lines." Material posessions, money, success, and obviously many others - all these things that many children don't worry about, or care to worry about - begin to change our focus.

Without all of these "other things" on their minds, children can just live life and be real. They don't know any better than to be brutally honest (which is a GREAT thing)!

That's why I have posted before, and will continue to post, on lessons learned from my kids. I really think adults can learn very valuable lessons from children!

Maybe that should be a whole post in of itself.....Brutal honesty learned from a child!

Tom Magness said...

Great message...especially during this holiday season. I how I wish we could all see the world through the eyes of kids like this one!

My first visit to your site. Great stuff! I appreciate your passion for leadership.

Eric Peterson said...

Thank you for stopping by. I took a look at your site and I know I will be able to learn a lot from you, and I am thankful for that.

Thank you for what you do. I'm excited to see what lessons I can learn from a military leader!