Thursday, October 11, 2007

Snow Ski or Water Ski?

Let’s give this a try again. If you’ll remember my post from a few weeks ago (Cake or Pie), I am going to pose a question every once in a while to try and generate a little “reader participation”! My goal here is just to have a fun way to get to know the readers and/or other bloggers. Plus, it’s a good way just to mix things up a bit.

So, which is it? Water skiing or snow skiing? Are you a summer person who enjoys the heat and being able to get out on the lake? Or, Are you a winter person who enjoys bundling up and racing down a ski slope at an unusually high rate of speed?

I’m a snow skier! Being from the Midwest, there is something about snow that just gets me excited. Racing down that hill, swooshin’ back and forth, jumpin’ them moguls, and crashin’ and burnin’ (well maybe not so much the crashin’ and burnin’). There’s just nothing like it.

So, what’s your choice? Gotta pick one!

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Timothy Johnson said...

Snow skiing... give me gravity over drowning any day

Karen said...

Waterskiing, preferable on bare feet! :)