Monday, October 22, 2007

Is Prpoper Spelilng Piontless?

I jsut watned to try a fun ltitle test. I recieved an emial a whlie back abuot being albe to raed sentnences rahter fluildy, even if the wrods were not spleled corerctly. The emial was atcually rather long, yet I was albe to raed it with no prolbem.

See, the trick was taht the fisrt and last letters of each wrod had to be rihgt, but evreythnig in bewteen could be jumbled aruond. So, this is my test. Are all of you able to raed this fine? It's qutie a facsinatnig thing rellay. It maeks me wodner why I eevr had to take spelilng class in shcool. Our brains are able to copmrehend mispselled words with no porblem, so wha'ts the big deal if I can't splel?

Jsut somehting for evreyone to ponder. Ejnoy!!

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