Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finding Hope in Death!

My friend’s grandfather passed away on Monday 10/29/07. Thankfully, the whole family has a strong Christian faith (as you will read in the link to follow). Their faith has given them hope and assurance that their dad/grandpa/great-grandpa has gone home to Jesus. There is still grieving, as there always will be, but there is also celebration.

My friend’s uncle (a missionary living in Jerusalem) flew home to be with his father in his last days. He blogged about his experience. I must say it’s very powerful and inspirational. Here’s a small excerpt:

Our Dad died yesterday (Monday). He died in his own bed, quietly, at peace, and with Mom, Tony (my older brother) and me around him. We kissed him good-bye and then he was gone. A pretty ordinary death for a pretty ordinary man who lived a pretty ordinary life, a life distinguishable only in that it was a life lived in faith and with extraordinary loyalty. These two traits are what set dad and so many others like him apart, I think……

….They say that when you come to your last days, you are stripped of all the masks you’ve worn, all the pretense wrapped around you in life, the collected baggage is blown away, and what is left is who you are at the core of your being. If this is so, then our father was, at his core, a man of great courage and uncommon goodness…

To read more of Marlin's inspirational words, please visit . He truly writes powerful and amazing posts!

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