Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shakin' Like a Leaf.....

Well, not exactly shakin' like a leaf, but I am somewhat nervous as I dive into the blogosphere world. I've been contemplating for quite some time now whether I should try my hand at blogging, but my fear of the unknown has kept me out of the game. So, what was it that got me to take the plunge? Or, in Steve Farber's words (in his book The Radical Leap), what was my OS!M.

Again, I have been thinking about it for a while now. As a young professional, I've been wanting to expand my network in the hopes of meeting many other knowledgeable professionals. Also, (hence the title of my blogsite) I am always searching for discussion and conversation on the topics of leadership, motivation, and others.

Yes, I know, this is all well and good, but what was it that actually got me started. That credit would have to go a Drake University graduate professor, Timothy Johnson. I am currently taking a Leadership course for my MBA degree. Timothy has made it a requirement to complete a weekly journal, which was just the excuse I needed to begin to blog (which brings me to the "why" of creating this blogsite).

This blog will serve a few purposes for me:

1) I will keep a weekly journal discussing the various topics we are covering in my Leadership class. My hope is that this will be an open discussion to all and may create great conversation on those various topics
2) I will also post a blog or two per week in addition to the journal entry with my thoughts on leadership. Again, I am hoping that this will generate some great conversation and advice that I can take with me throughout my professional career
3) And finally, as my self diagnosed adult onset ADHD takes over, I will randomly post other thoughts that may have nothing to do with anything.

So, there it is. A little bit of the why I want to blog, and my hopes for this blogsite (of course, I'm sure there will be more insight to come later). My questions to all of you are these: Why do you blog? What are your motivations? How do you keep your posts fresh?


Steve Farber said...

Looks like I have the honor of being the first to comment, Eric! You've done the right thing. The people you'll meet through this blog will blow your mind. (Guess you can consider this a demonstration!)

Tim Johnson is the best--I'm sure he'll be a great mentor for you in the years to come.

Good luck!

Eric Peterson said...

Thank you Steve. I appreciate the comments, and it was an honor to have you as my "first blog responder" ever. I look forward to the many relationships I will develop.

Also, I enjoyed reading The Radical Leap, and am looking forward to my quest to become an "Extreme Leader!"

Timothy Johnson said...

Wow... how do I follow up with Farber's comment? (Thanks Steve)

Eric... your writing is spot on. You nailed it.