Friday, September 28, 2007

My Lesson on Persistence………..can you make the connection?

I could probably get by with saying 6 words, and everyone with children would be able to link up the title of this post with the 6 words I uttered and see a connection. So, let’s try it: “I have a toddler at home!”

I want to hear your stories! I will share my toddler-taught “lesson on persistence” with you later (see next post), but what are your lessons learned? What about persistence have your kids/friends taught you?

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Timothy Johnson said...

Do you want the list alphabetically or in the order of amusement?

Children seem to have a one track mind. They ask one parent... then the other.

I have to admire their persistence... even if I get annoyed by it at the time.

Eric Peterson said...

I love the "gotta get a second opinion routine"! The funny thing about our 2-1/2 year old is that she isn't real sly about it yet. She'll just immediately go to mommy, even if mommy is 5 feet away from daddy.