Thursday, September 20, 2007

Prosen's Passion

I was awe-struck last night as I sat in my leadership class listening to a seasoned veteran in senior manager and an amazing speaker. After class, all I could do was thank my instructor, Tim Johnson, for bringing in such a wonderful guest lecturer.

Bob Prosen recently wrote a book entitled “Kiss Theory Goodbye.” In his book, he lays out a real, applicable framework for how to obtain results in business. Since our class was reading his book, our professor invited him to speak at our class.

It was amazing to hear his story, and how he worked his way up the ranks at AT&T, before becoming a senior manager with them. He went on to obtain senior management positions with Hitachi and Sabre. His passion in life was taking “chaos”, and bringing some normalcy to it. Once he had accomplished all he wanted to do in business, he started his own consulting firm and now travels the country, teaching CEO’s and top executives the finer points of business execution.

To be honest, I sat there dumbfounded; just taking it all in, hoping that by some form of osmosis (by being in the same room as him), I could become an amazing leader. Realizing that he had spent all day with 20 CEO’s, and then had decided to spend two hours of his evening with our class was amazing.

What I really took away from that experience (besides the wonderful insight and advice that he gave each of us, because that is definitely priceless), was that this man, Bob Prosen, absolutely loves what he does! He didn’t just come in and lecture to our class. Instead, he came in and carried truthful and meaningful conversation and discussion with our class. For two solid hours, Bob fielded difficult questions from our class. For two solid hours, Bob smiled and passionately explained his thoughts.

As successful and as powerful as he has been in his career and in life, he was even more down to earth and genuine in his desire to teach a bunch of young professionals his secrets to success. It was an honor to meet him and to listen to his expertise, and it is one of the highlights of my career as a student, as well as a professional.

Do you know Bob Prosen? Is your business in need of “results”? I would recommend reading his book “Kiss Theory Goodbye.” He does a great job of bringing what some might call “common sense” about business execution, and laying it out in a real, and usable format.

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Timothy Johnson said...

Eric - I'm glad you enjoyed Bob's presentation and interaction with you. I agree... he's a gem of a guy, and I feel very fortunate to know him.

There's a lot to be said for this "love" stuff that Farber brought up, isn't there?

Eric Peterson said...

Yes there is! I've now heard all three of you say in effect, "You have to LOVE what you do!" The advice seems very obvious, but I know there are many out there that need to here it (probably myself included)!

If you're not passionate about what you do, then it's very hard to bring energy to your work and in life!

Thanks again for an excellent selection of books so far!