Monday, November 19, 2007

My Belief Statement

My original inspiration for this post came from Starbucker's recent post on his belief statement. As I have been compiling my list over the last few weeks, I was "unintentionally" reminded by Drew McLellan's post that it was time to get my belief statement out there. I am confident that this statement will change over the next several months/years as major life events continue to occur, however, it is my hope that this statement remains largely in tact, no matter where I am in life's journey. So, here is my belief statement (in no particular order):

I believe in.........God's mercy and grace, the covenant of marriage, my wife's decisions in everything she does, the authenticity of both my daughters' smiles, constant learning and continuing education, humor as a healer, the ability to laugh at myself, the power of a "thank you", the power of the blogosphere, leading the team in "assists", taking a pitch, a grande-nonfat-extra hot-almond-latte, the perfect 300 game, the strike of a largemouth bass on a yamamoto senko, serving as a role model for others (especially young adults and my kids), a purebread Beagle, a dog serving as anyone's best friend, eternal life, my family, a Cubs world series win in my lifetime, the Iowa State Cyclones, the Drake Bulldogs, empowering others, relaxing on the couch, a hot and steamy shower, the contagious power of a smile, the pursuit of perfection, God's forgiveness, prayer, and the continual search for conversations on leadership and motivation.

What is your belief statement? I'm sure I've let out some things in mine (so I will probably be updating it rather soon!).

Courtesy of Drew McLellan's blog, these are other people and their posts on their belief statements:
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