Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mac or PC?

Liz Strauss held an open comment night on her blog on Tuesday that addressed the age old computer debate of “Mac or PC”. I’ve decided to use this debate as another one of my _ or _ posts that I do once in a while to mix things up a bit and learn more about my readers and fellow bloggers.

Below are the results as I see them from Tuesday night. I am interpreting some of these results based on the comments that were made, so make sure and correct me if I’m wrong. For those of you who would like to see some of the conversation around this, please make sure and visit the comments section of Liz's post.

Me (Eric Peterson) – PC
J. Erik Potter – Mac (at heart), but currently uses PC
Erica Ross-Krieger – Mac
April Groves – PC
Joe – PC
Trisha – PC, but doesn’t “dislike” Macs
Timothy Johnson – PC, (in fact, keep the Mac away)
Brooke – seems that either one works for Brooke
Scot Herrick – PC, but likes Macs as well
Rick Cockrum – PC
Char – Either works for Char
Angela Maiers – only knows PC, but willing to try Mac
Delaney Kirk – undecided on what to get
Karen Putz – PC in house currently, but likes Macs as well
Todd – Mac all the way!
Kelly – Mac
Aruni – Either works for Aruni
Amie Gillingham – Mac, but played around with PC’s some
Dave Olson – Mac
Rowan Manahan – Mac
Rodney Rumford – PC

What about the rest of you out there? Do you care to weigh in on the topic? Which is it for you? Mac or PC? Care to comment? Right now it looks as though the PC has a slight lead.

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Delaney Kirk said...

Thanks for continuing the debate. Drake University had Macs for their college profs in 1989 when I went there so I made the switch from a PC. Then in 1992 or so the business college decided to provide only PCs so I switched back. However, I'm hearing good things about the Macs again and am intrigued by the Mac Air.

Joe said...

Hey Eric (with a "c") PC all the way for me. But I guess you already knew that. ;-)
You should put some kind of poll in the sidebar, just to make it easier.

Erica said...

Though my "I'm a Mac" t-shirt is drying in the laundry room right now, I'm glad to see I'm listed as a Mac supporter anyway and that you remembered:)

Glad the conversation from Tuesday migrated over here, it will be fun to see where it goes next and who else will weight in on the debate.

Of course in our house, there is no debate - we have 4 Macs, everything Mac-ish you can think of, plenty of i-gadgets and all things Apple. My adoration probably comes from having "cut my computing teeth" on a Mac and I've never tried a PC.

But when Mac does a grand job for me, thinks like I do, and is fun to use, I don't spend a lot of time in debate. Now I'm off to retrieve the t-shirt from the dryer:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric

I started on an Apple. I still remember the "turtle" and writing commands to make him draw a triangle. I had a Mac in undergrad but that was about 9 operating systems ago. I'm a PC user now but am with Delaney and intrigued by Macs once again. My two hurdles are getting my wife to use a mac and the cost. Wish I could have made open mic night. I guess I can't multi task during class like the Erik/c's.

Eric Peterson said...

@Delaney - The computer lab I've used here and there at Drake has been Mac. Lucky for me, I only use it for internet and some word processing, otherwise I'd be "lost." Thanks for stopping by and continuing the conversation!

@Joe - I thought about putting a poll in the sidebar, but didn't do it. However, now that you have mentioned it, I think I will. I'll just have to ask everyone to stop back and vote ;) Thanks for stopping by Joe!

@Erica - I think it will be fun to see where this goes. I was hoping that more people would get involved. I'm intrigued as to what "wins out" in the end. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your t-shirt! (Don't you love getting a shirt out of a warm dryer and putting it on right away?)

@Bob - It was a fun night Tuesday! Of course, I hope I didn't miss out on too much "stat" stuff! I started out on a Mac too, but all I really did was play games when I was younger. Middle and High School (and then into college) was all PC for me, and I just don't think I can go back!

J. Erik Potter said...

I've considered switching back now that Macs are based in Intel processors. You can now use both operating systems if you so choose. Before you had to rely on emulation

The cost is the big drawback for me right now.

Aruni said...

Thanks for the mention. I tried to leave a comment a few days ago but your word verification image was not showing. I use a PC mostly. We have 1 mac in the house. After all the issues I've been having with my PC/Windows I might consider getting a Mac as my main computer next time.

Eric Peterson said...

Erik - I've never even really priced a Mac. What is the price of those in comparison to say a "Dell"?

Aruni - Thanks for the visit. I've heard that Macs are a lot better in terms of less "issues" with the operating system. I wouldn't know by experience since I avoid them, but it sounds like their are reasons to have both in a home. Thanks again for visiting. I hope you have a great week.

Angela Maiers said...

Check out the debate here. This is funny!