Monday, January 07, 2008

Best Showers: Morning or Night?

You’ll remember that I am posting a ___ or ___ question every once in a while, just to mix things up a bit in an attempt to learn more about my readers and fellow bloggers. I’m hoping this will just be a fun little way to learn more about each other as we continue our wonderful journey through the blogosphere.

So, today I’m wanting to know: Do you prefer the wake-up-and-shower routine? Or, are you a shower-before-bedtime person? I know….this may seem a bit personal, but I thought it might be fun to start a discussion on the pros and cons of showering in the morning vs. evening. I’m not trying to delve into your personal lives, so please don’t mistake my motive. I just like to mix the discussion up a bit and see where it takes us. So, what’s your preference?

Me? Well I’m definitely a wake-up-and-shower kind of guy. I just need that refreshing morning wake up call that a shower gives me! Of course, if I’ve just had an exhausting workout late in the evening, I’ll go ahead and grab me a shower-before-bedtime. But, I’ll usually wake up in the morning wanting another shower to “wake me up” and help me get rid of that “bedhead”.

Oh, but here’s a twist! I’m also not afraid to go a day or two without a shower (usually on a weekend). I’m sure it’s hard for many to even think about, but it really does make that next one a “special” one!

So, what about the rest of you? Do you need that morning shower? Or, are you like a friend of mine who can’t even think about going to bed “dirty.” (This buddy literally showers every time before he gets into bed!). Bonus topic: What are the pros and cons (as you see them) to showering at night vs. showering in the morning?

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Michelle Malay Carter said...

Given only tow choices, I'd choose morning. However, when not at client sites, I work from home. So my favorite practice is to work a few hours and then shower mid to late morning.

The warming of my skin and water pinging off my head seems to jar loose ideas and insights that were ineffable while I was sitting at my desk.

Can't you see it now, the next greatest teambuilding exercise, forget the ropes course, team showering is the way to go!


Michelle Malay Carter

Anonymous said...

Morning; after my workout. If I get the gumption to get up and workout in the morning I usually shower afterwards. I like to shower early when I can be alone. I love that my kids want their Daddy in the morning, but sometimes I can do without the pulling back of the shower curtain. It is a good time to be with my thoughts.

I usually get in the habit of showering everyday; but you're right about missing one. When I do I appreciate the next one even more.

I'm curious, do most take showers or are there some out there who prefer a bath?

Bob Loch

Eric Peterson said...

Michelle - Thank you for stopping by and taking part!! A mid to late morning shower sounds great to me most days. Like you said, just to get my juices flowing again. Team showering....I bet their are some creative minds out there that could figure a way to get that done.

Bob - Will you not participate in Michelle's team building then? ;) Seriously, though, nothing beats an early morning shower in solitude! I do some great thinking (and a little singing) there!

P.S - You know...I meant to work in a question about showers vs baths in the post, but failed. Hopefully people will visit the comments and keep the dialogue going!

Angela said...

I used to be a shower in the morning kind of person but as of late I have been showering at night to save time in my morning routine. And boy does it save me a boatload of time. By taking a nice hot shower at night, I fall asleep quicker, get a better night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Just a light splash of cool water on my face is all that's needed.

Eric Peterson said...

Hi Angela. Thanks for stopping by. I feel that I "drag" a little more in the morning if I don't get a shower in (of course, I "drag" in the morning anyway). But, there are definitely times where I'll jump in the shower before bed, planning to sleep a little later in the morning!!

I may have to try your system. Maybe all I need is a cool splash in the face in the morning......well, maybe an ice cold splash :)

Thanks again for stopping by. I appreciate your comments!

Greg said...

I am definitely a shower in the morning person. It just starts my day. Maybe now it's just the routine of it all, but I don't feel right unless I shower in the morning. Even if I shower at night I still need to take that morning shower to get my day going.