Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Avoiding "M&M" Leadership

I feel it’s important for us to discuss what I call “M&M” leadership, and how we can avoid it. The content may have some overlap with my previous post on “Avoiding the MonoBLOGue,” but I wanted to apply that concept to leadership.

So, what is “M&M” leadership? Well, for me it is monotonistic leadership through monologue(“M&M”), and it is a skill set we, as leaders, need to avoid.

Leadership by Monologue:
Followers, coworkers, family members, and the like don’t want to be talked at! They want to be involved in conversations and dialogue. They desire to feel apart of the change that is taking place; the meeting that is being held; the processes that are being developed. They require inclusion, not exclusion. So, knowing this, we need to make sure that we include our followers in our discussions. In fact, if we take Bob Prosen’s advice on surrounding ourselves with people that are smarter than us, then we should seek the knowledge that these people can bring to the table.

Monotone Leadership:
Passion is contagious! For that matter, a lack of passion is contagious! Employees, followers and coworkers need to see our passion in order for them to be inspired and passionate as well. Therefore, we have to be conscious of our tone. We can’t be monotone leaders, always saying the same old thing in the same old way. It won’t inspire and it won’t motivate. Making a conscious effort to bring energy and excitement to our leadership will better help influence those around us, and that’s what leadership is all about!

So what are you doing to ensure that you are avoiding talking at people and avoiding being a monotone motivator? What tips do you have for bringing energy and passion to your leadership?
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