Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Avoiding The MonoBLOGue

When I first started out on my blogging journey, I had a few goals in mind, which you will see listed below. What I'd like to do today, is discuss the second goal in that list and explain why it is so important, not only to me, but to many other bloggers out there.

My Blogging Goals:
1) To network and connect with others
2) To inspire conversation and discussion on various topics like leadership, motivation, positive reinforcement, and others
3) To enjoy the journey and relish in the places this blog could take me

When creating these goals, I found inspiration and support from many other bloggers:

- Liz Straus is the queen of conversation, and does an amazing job at inspiring discussion on her posts
- April Groves inspires with passion and thought provoking questions of her own
- Timothy Johnson, a.k.a. "The Professor of Tuesday Nights", always creates discussion with his real world application of office politics and accomplishment
- Phil Gerbyshak "makes it great" everyday with his conversation pieces
- Valeria Maltoni is the "Converstation Agent" (need I say more)
- Joanna Young creates conversation through her teaching on how to write effectively and passionately
- Robert Hruzek always inspires good discussions through his creative group writing projects
- Roger von Oech inspires conversation through his sheer creative genius

Again, the main point of this post, however, isn't to list out all the inspirational bloggers out there who have had an effect on my writing. Instead, it is to focus on Goal #2 from above. For this goal, I chose my words carefully when writing, because there are a couple key points that I really want to touch on:

1) "To Inspire..." - I feel it is my duty to create the conversation that I seek. What I don't want this blog to become (which I know there are some out there that have gone down this path), is a (what I'll call) "MonoBLOGue." That is, I don't want to create posts that are just talking at people, therefore becoming a monologue. What I really want is to develop interesting material, and ask thought provoking questions in order to "inspire" conversation and discussion from my readers.

2) "...Conversation and Discussion...." - This is what I strive for! This is the essence of my blogging. I want to take part in great discussion and great conversation. I want my readers and fellow bloggers to feel comfortable in visiting this site and knowing that it is a forum for conversation. Sure, we may disagree on some things, but we'll have a great discussion in doing so.

So, what do we do now? How can we achieve this? Well, I will vow to continue to try and post thought provoking and interesting material (knowing that I am bound to fail on this every once in a while). Hey, I'm only human, right? When readers and bloggers comment on my posts, I'll try my best to keep the conversation going by giving more than a "Thanks for stopping by" response.

But, I'll need your help as well. All I ask from you is to continue to stop by, and when so inspired, go ahead and leave a comment! Remember, I (as well as other commenters) don't get to know your thoughts unless you write them in the box for us! And, with that, I bid you "good day." I hope your week is filled with great conversation!

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Valeria Maltoni said...


I think you should also check out Rich Becker

In addition to being an excellent writer, Rich is doing a lot of good leadership work through social media that would appeal to you. Thank you for the mention.

April Groves said...

I am a fan of those folks myself.

This was an inspiring post. Thoughts like this remind me to be a better steward of the platform.

Thanks for the mention and the daily dose of "remember why you are here."

Bob said...

Yep, these sound like worthy goals to me, too. I'm afraid I've been guilty of just talking to people quite a bit.

But what the hey, a new year, new goals, new aspirations... always room for change and improvement!

And thanks for the mention, Eric. Glad to be spoken of in the same breath as these others!

Anonymous said...

Eric, you really nailed this one. An inspiring and necessary post! These is a great reminders for both new and experienced bloggers.

Eric Peterson said...

Angela said it best: ".....great reminders for both new and experienced bloggers." It would be great if I can be as inspiring to "newer than myself bloggers" as all of you have been to me!

I appreciate your continued support and the fascinating conversation you bring to the blogosphere!!!

@Valeria - Thank you for pointing me to Rich's website. I am looking forward to spending some time there. And, "Thank You" for your site. It truly does inspire great conversation

@April - They are some great people aren't they? I would like to meet many of them (yourself included) in person....maybe over coffee and a scone!

@Bob - I think we all become guilty of that at some time. And maybe we shouldn't feel "guilty" about doing it from time to time. There are definitely times when something just needs to be said! No conversation needed! I just want to make sure that most of my time is spent in "dialogue" and not "monologue"

@Angela - Thank you for the kind words. I just hope that I can inspire others more often than not.

Joanna said...

Hi Eric, sorry for not commenting before, it was one of those times I wrote the comment in my head but then forgot to write it down... does that ever happen to you? :-)

I think this is a constant balancing act for all of us, because we want and need to offer material that's stimulating, of value, resource rich... at the same time as leaving room for conversation, debate and exchange.

But it's a great skill to learn and refine - I certainly feel it doing me lots of good, in blogging, in writing and (of course) for life!


Troy Worman said...

Excellent goals, Eric. Blog on.

Eric Peterson said...

Joanna - I do that all the time! I find a really great post, and I leave to think a bit, and never return to write my thoughts. In fact, I did it with your challenge to promote your blog in 50 words or less!!

Your point of balance is what I need to focus on as well. I strive for so much conversation, that I do need to remember to offer value, rich, and stimulating content! Thank you for visiting and offering your thoughts!

Troy - Thank you. I appreciate you stopping by! I see that you've enlisted a fellow professor of mine (Tim Johnson) to post occassionally on ProcessGeek!

Phil Gerbyshak said...

Wow Eric - thanks for including me among all these amazing folks!

As Troy on brother, and you'll do GREAT!

And those goals of yours...You WILL achieve them this year if you are persistent and keep asking for help. The blogosphere is a great big place, so don't a stranger (at least no stranger than me).

Eric Peterson said...

Thanks Phil. I appreciate your support. The blogosphere is a great big place isn't it? Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it

Don Frederiksen said...


The MonoBLOGue concept really resonated with me. I too, strive to have more conversation and less "preachyness" (A label a friend applied) on my blog. There is no question that participation from the blogosphere inspires.

Thanks for raising the discussion. I'm already heading to some of your recommended blogs. I always appreciate your insight.

Don Frederiksen

Eric Peterson said...

I am glad that you were able to resonate with this topic. I feel it's very important that we, as bloggers, really dive in to conversations! Interaction is where we learn best!

And, yes...check out some of those other blogs....they really do a great job with conversation! Thanks again for stopping by Don!