Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekly Feature Wednesday: Making Life Work For You

In my first ever Weekly Feature Wednesday post, I will be featuring the blog of April Groves, entitled "Making Life Work For You."

The title of the blog is spot on when it comes to describing April's passion for people. Her inspiring posts are geared towards how individuals can make life work for them. She makes her blog all about "you" and not about "her". She offers tips and inspiration to business success, as well as life success. She is being featured here, because she has shown that she is a humble leader that is more concerned about inspiring and improving those around her, than self promotion.

To me, it seems that one of her mottos would be "To Each, Their Own" (please realize that I never actually verified this with her, it's just my observation). She opens her blog up to anyone, and really keeps an open mind during conversations and discussions that arise through commenting. The discussions she has inspired are amazing, including this one that occurred on a post about balance.

"Making Life Work For You" is definitely worth a subscription!! Please take a minute and swing by April's blog. You won't be disappointed. In closing, I'll leave you with a a powerful excerpt from her latest inspirational piece:

"We, as individuals, have 60,000 thoughts a day, 95% of them are repeat thoughts and 80% are negative."

Isn't that scary? Doesn't that make you want to change your thought patterns? It does me! Luckily, April charges us with the following:

"The time for beating yourself down is over. Life is far too short to be your own worst critic. Time is too valuable to paralyze yourself. Your talents are too important to be trampled on by the lies in your head. You are a warrior!"

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