Thursday, July 17, 2008

Smileless: A 24 Word Statement w/ a 1 Word Question

Will you help me? There are some things I just don't understand, and need help understanding. Like this:

Smiles are powerful expressions of warmth and kindness,
so simple and easy to share,
yet sometimes difficult to find,
in a fast paced environment.

What are your thoughts? Why does it seem that in so many fast paced environments (rush hour traffic, dinner rush at a restaurant, board meetings, etc), that smiles become so hard to extract?

Do you smile enough? Do you emit shining rays of happiness and gratitude when you come in contact with others? If not, please remember this: Smiling will brighten other's days! Now that's worth it!! For 3 steps to help you smile more, check this post out.

note: this post was inspired by
Liz Strauss' 25 Words of Work/Life Wisdom


Angela Maiers said...

This same question has perplexed me often. It is amazing not only that people do not smile, but that when you smile back that look at you like you are crazy.

I agree that it is time to change that! Your post is a great first step! It makes me :-)))))))))))!

Eric Peterson said...

It is amazing isn't it, Angela? Honestly, though, I find myself fall into that trap too. I have to remind myself that this life is too short to be a constant grizzly bear! Instead, I need to be a beacon of light for others.

Thanks for stopping by from Hawaii :)