Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekly Feature Wednesday: Confident Writing!

Today's WFW post takes us overseas to the beautiful United Kingdom. There we find an amazing writing coach, Joanna Young, and her blog, Confident Writing.

Joanna offers up a wealth of knowledge and expertise on writing. She will challenge your mind and inspire your writing with monthly group writing projects, guest posts, and fabulous quotes. Her writing tips help you dive into who you are, and why you write. Her posts really focus on how you, as the reader, can improve your writing. Joanna offers a variety of writing courses and workshops, and is focused on helping others achieve excellence in their writing.

Confident Writing is a definite must read (and must subscribe to). Joanna's work, via her blog, has already had an impact on my writing, and I know she'll have an impact on your's too. Whether you're a blogger or not, everyone will have to be able to write well sometime in their life, and Joanna's blog can help. So, go check it out, and be prepared to learn!

Final Note: You will also be able to read a sample of Joanna's writing in the upcoming book Age of Conversation: Why Don't They Get It, where she joins me and 235 others as we discuss various topics including conversation, marketing, business model evolution, and others.


Joanna said...

Gosh Eric I am blushing! Thanks so much for your kind words.

Greatly appreciated


Eric Peterson said...

It's my pleasure. You really do have a great site, and I hope more people will "find" it.