Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Doings of an Effective Leader

"Effective leaders are not preachers, they are doers."
- Peter Drucker

Following the theme Mr. Drucker laid out for us, I'd like you to help me finish this phrase.

"An Effective Leader..............."

  • Creates vision
  • Instills confidence
  • Reduces chaos
  • Actively listens
  • Elicits teamwork
  • Commands respect
  • Shows compassion

What am I missing? I know there are many more doings of an effective leader! I'd love to have your input!


Bob said...

How about these -

* Inspires others
* Duplicates himself
* Recognizes potential

Karen said...

Is authentic!

Timothy Johnson said...

Breaks the rules without breaking the system

Eric Peterson said...

Bob - "Duplicates himself"...I like that! Also, I do think it's very important that a leader can inspire others.

Karen - I've always believed in authenticity, and I think a leader definitely needs to be authentic. People can see right through "fake!"

Tim - Now that's a great addition!! And, it's one I struggle with. I think many leaders get in a comfort zone, and then fail to challenge rules. The problem with this is:
1) It's boring - the spiciness of leadership becomes bland
2) Comfort begins to give way to apathy (I think this goes back to #1. Comfort is boring)

Thank you all for great additions to the list! I'm excited to see what others come up with.