Thursday, June 05, 2008

The King of Excuses

That’s me to a “T”! I just recently figured this one out (although I’ve suspected it for some time now). Yes, I am that guy; the one with an excuse for everything!

My enlightenment came after 6 long weeks of taking a break from blogging. A fellow blogger, who I respect greatly, said “It’s been over a month since your last post. What gives?” In my response to him, I realized that I really am the “King of Excuses.” I always have them. Yes, they may be true, but they are still, in fact, excuses. Let’s take a look at a few, and then tell me what you think:

  1. In response to why I haven't been blogging - “I’ve had some health issues the past month. I had strep throat, pneumonia, and an abnormal EKG all in the same week.” (I’m glad to say that everything is now okay! I just have to get another chest x-ray to make sure the pneumonia’s gone)!

  2. In response to where I’ve been lately“The spring weather has played a part. I’ve finally gotten to spend more time with my girls, playing outside daily.”

  3. In response to why I didn’t work out with a friend a few mornings“I had a rough night’s sleep. I just couldn’t get up this morning.”

I could go on and on! I started thinking back over the past few months and have realized that I do have an excuse for everything. Every area of my life is touched by my excuses. Maybe they are “good” excuses, and maybe they are “bad” excuses. Either way, they are still excuses.

Do any of you have this problem? Is it a problem at all? Why does it seem that many of us just can’t say “No?” Instead, we have to offer a reason (an excuse) as to why we are saying no. Why does it seem that many of us just can’t say “I’m sorry I failed you,” or “I’m sorry I hurt you?” Instead, we have to try and explain (give an excuse) as to why we failed or hurt. Finally, are excuses really only a selfish way to make yourself feel better for something? Do excuses offer any benefits to the other party?

This one’s really got me thinking. Stay tuned for more of my thoughts/struggles with excuses!


Timothy Johnson said...

In other circles, we call this "rationalization" Eric. It sounds better than making excuses and makes us feel better.

Glad to hear your health has improved and also glad that we're all able to get outside and enjoy the weather more (this past winter WAS brutal)

Troy Worman said...

Eric, You don't have to make excuses for living your life.

Ultimately, the only people you should be concerned about failing are your girls (wife included).

Eric Peterson said...

Tim - That's the word I was looking for..."rationalization!" Does rationalizing help the other party cope at all? Or, is it merely a "selfish" act?

I suppose there is a difference between stating a "reason" and offering an "excuse." I would tend to think a "reason" is needed for the other party to understand, while an "excuse" is needed for us to feel better.

Eric Peterson said...

Troy - Thank you! I really do appreciate your insight. And you are right. My girls (the three of them) are my top priority! I guess that's what is great about life: We get to choose where our priorities lie!

Anonymous said...

Eric I would suggest that you inquire istock if is correct for you to use a watermarked image in your blog, so that you would not get into trouble

Eric Peterson said...

@ anonymous - Thank you for your comment. I credited the photo with the exact site I obtained it (which was from an istock site), however if that isn't enough, I have decided to just remove the photo and the credit.

Thank you.