Friday, June 20, 2008

Selfish Blogging

It's time to be honest. Honest to you and honest to myself. See, I originally started blogging for selfish reasons. I wanted to try and build a professional network. I wanted to pick the brains of experts so I could learn more about leadership and motivation. I wanted to be center of attention. It was all about what I wanted.

Then, I hit a point where I realized that the conversation and dialogue was what I was truly after. I loved the thought of being able to communicate to people thousands of miles away, while I built my network up even more. Still selfish.

Now, I'm coming to the realization that I still am a selfish blogger. I'm always thinking about what interesting piece I can write to generate more traffic. How do I get more people to read my blog?

This is all wrong for me! What my focus should be on is what do my readers want to see, and can I provide them something of value. It's not about me. It's about them. It's about you. Who cares how many people read my blog. Shouldn't it really be about how many lives I can have a positive impact on through my blogging? I think it's time to change my focus! Instead of trying to generate traffic, or trying to create awe inspiring posts, it's time to just be "real." It's time to put my thoughts out there in the hopes that someone is affected positively. It's time to be more authentic. It's time to be more like these bloggers (who are out there providing inspiration to others):
Of course, we'll always check our technorati rank, and our analytic stats, and we'll always give out some link love, and there'll be some selfish tendencies, but maybe we should decide why we are blogging. What's your true motivation? If your reason is to make a profit or get more attention, then that is fine. To each there own. I've just realized that those aren't my main motivations. All I suggest is to take a look at your focus, decide what path your blog should go down, and then set it on "cruise control" and enjoy the ride! Whatever motivation you have, own it.

So, do you need to adjust your focus?


Terry Starbucker said...

Hey Eric! Thanks for the link, and for this post. Your blogging journey sounds very similar to mine - it starts out one way, and ends up going in another more interesting and fulfilling direction - simply putting things out there that can possibly help others. Nothin' wrong with that! Keep the faith, and all the best.

Eric Peterson said...

Thanks Terry. I have found blogging to be a very enjoyable journey!

I appreciate you stopping by and I wish you all the best as well

Troy Worman said...

Eric! I appreciate the nod. Your blogging journey sounds very much like mine - it began and it continues. It is. Remember the words of Stephen Covey and "succeed at home first." The little ones are most important. Be you. That is enough.

Eric Peterson said...

Thanks Troy. Great quote too! You are right, the little ones are my top priority.

I've been enjoying the blogging adventure, and I'm sure my focus will change in a year or two again!

Phil Gerbyshak said...

Eric - you are doing great! I think we all start blogging for selfish reasons, and then we begin to understand how much we impact others with the words we write and the emotions and life stories we share. I'm flattered to be amongst those who've shared with you a little big of themselves.

Kudos to you for sharing your authentic self with your readers in such a vulnerable way. That is a gift to all of us.