Friday, June 13, 2008

A Place to Call Home

I've been trying to get a friend to start blogging, as I think he has a lot of knowledge to offer the world. Although he hasn't fully jumped into our sphere yet, I'm hoping that this may be a start! Everyone knows how the housing market has been lately. My friend has decided to put his house on the market, and felt that a dedicated blog might be a good way to advertise. I must give him props as he is thinking outside the box (the box of hiring a realtor). Although he has thoroughly enjoyed the last few years in a great neighborhood in the Urbandale/Waukee, Iowa area, he is wanting to move his wife and 2 kids closer to the rest of his extended family.

With that said, if you are looking for a fabulous house, in a great neighborhood, in a wonderful suburb of Des Moines, Iowa, then please give this house a look! It really is an amazing deal (and no, it's not in danger of flooding)!!!

note: I really want to help this friend out!! Any spreading of the word would be greatly appreciated by myself (as well as my friend)!!

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