Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 Keys to Achieving Success

You can be successful!! In fact, I would argue that you already are successful!! But, in the event that you aren't successful (or don't feel you're successful), let me give you 3 key steps to achieving success:

  1. Create a Personal Definition of Success - How do you define success? What does success "look like" to you? Is it money? Is it power? Is it positive relationships? Is it career advancement? Is it faith? There really is no wrong answer, here. The only wrong answer is no answer at all! I used the word "personal" because I feel it's important to realize that you can't let someone else tell you what success is. Everyone has a different view of success (which is sometimes hard to remember in this age of movie stars and millionaires) You must be able to "explicitly" define what "success" is to you! Once you can do that, then you can take the next step: Clearly identifying action steps to help you achieve success!

  2. Clearly Identify Action Steps to Help You Achieve Success - It would be great if "defining success" was all we had to do. Unfortunately, it's not. We also have to actually achieve success. Therefore, you need to write down clear and precise action steps as to how you are going to achieve success. Create a gameplan. Create a vision. Whatever you want to call it. The purpose is to have something written down to remind you of how you plan to achieve success. Now, plans can change, so re-evaluate your plan as you journey down the path to success.

  3. Embark on Your Success Journey with Perseverance and Determination - Once the plan is set, start walking! Heck, start running if you want. Whatever you do, though, enjoy the journey. It will be fun. Also, keep in mind that life happens! Things change. Be adaptable. Don't get discouraged. If something comes along and knocks you off the path; get up, dust yourself on, and continue. If the road's closed, then realize that your plan can change! Revise your action steps and continue forward. Most importantly: BELIEVE! Know that you are going to succeed! Know that you will be successful!

Can you think of other "steps" needed to achieve success? How do you define success?

And remember: "SUCCESS IS ONE ACTION AWAY!" I saw this quote on the "Two Scrolls" blog. It was in a post written by Ty Canning. I would recommend you check it out! It's a great post.

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Ellen Weber said...

Thanks Eric, you build a great case for doing what you love, and learning to love what you do.

I am inspired by your notion of adventure and play as part of the journey! " Whatever you do, though, enjoy the journey. It will be fun."

We need to be reminded of the joy in the journey when that grows a bit dim at times -- thanks for the terrific post!

Eric Peterson said...

Thanks Ellen. I appreciate your comments. The joy in the journey is what life is all about, isn't it? We have to find the joy in all we do!

Jacklyn Ker said...

Fully agree Eric!

One of my favourite quote:
"Success is a journey, not a destination"

Great post!

Eric Peterson said...

Jacklyn - A great quote indeed!!