Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A 10 Year Old Leader Who Believes

I've got to give a big 'ol hat tip to Phil Gerbyshak and Stephen Hopson for sharing this 9 minute video. I know 9 minutes sounds like a long time, but it's definitely worth it to see this inspiring 10 year old leader. He gets it! It all starts with belief! Belief in youself and belief in others. Please take the time to watch.

Do you believe in yourself? Your coworkers? Your kids? Believing is the first step!


Ruth said...

Wow... that is seriously inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing it. Belief in ourselves and each other is so important, and so often gets overlooked. I've been reading a new book out on business leadership, Noble Enterprise, by Darwin Gillett that talks about uplifting and inspiring your employees to be the best they can. This video reminded me that it doesn't start when you enter the workplace, but at the very basic levels of uplifting our children first.

Eric Peterson said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to check out "Noble Enterprise". You are right on!! Belief in ourselves and others is key!

Mrs. Hill said...

I was glad to find this again. Our admin team showed it to us during teacher inservice this year before school began. Wow...reminds me why I'm in education.