Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Opportunity, Is That You?

Opportunites abound! They are everywhere. In everything people do and say. In every positive or negative influence, an opportunity presents itself. The key is: Do you recognize it as what it truly is? An opportunity.

I think many of us get so caught up in the past, in what just happened, that we fail to recognize opportunities. When something negative influences our life, it’s easy for us to react. Some people will fall down, get right back up, and keep moving forward. Others will fall down, get hurt, and stay injured for way too long. In either case, what we fail to do is reflect and process what just happened, which in turn, causes us to fail to recognize another opportunity.

The same can be said about positive influencers. Something good happens to us, and we are too busy celebrating or being congratulated, that we fail to “see” another opportunity.

Let’s think about this another way. The inputs (something affects us) are presented, and something internal and external happens to us (the process), and we kick out a response or reaction (the outputs). What we fail to realize is that another output has been ejected from the system, a hard to see output, a hidden output…..an opportunity. Maybe it’s a learning opportunity, or a teaching opportunity, or an opportunity to express patience, or forgiveness, etc. Maybe it’s a career opportunity. Whatever “it” is, it definitely is an opportunity. And, my challenge to you is to become better at learning to “see”, the hard to see opportunitities.  What are opportunites are you failing to recognize? 

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