Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm 100% Geek.....And Proud of It!!

I think "Geek the Library" is a great organization, as well as, one of the better marketing campaigns I've seen in while.  In it's spirit, I've realized that I am a bit of a geek myself.  Ok....I'm 100% Geek and I’m proud of it.

Need Proof?

I geek the ins and outs of bowling
I geek the finer details of a list
I geek fishing
I geek spreadsheets
I geek slow smoking meats at 225 degrees (BBQ)
I geek leadership
I geek experimentation in the kitchen (Cooking)
I geek my wife and kids
I geek the annual boys-holiday-all-nighter-video-gaming-extravaganza
I geek a good glass of wine with friends
I geek helping my community through firefighting and EMT work
I geek continual learning
I geek board games with extended family

And finally, to steal a line from Pink, “I’m to school for cool.”

Yes, I’m a geek. Are you?

What are the top 5 things you GEEK?

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