Monday, September 15, 2008

Reenergizing For The Road Ahead

I know it's been a week and a half since my last post, so I thought I'd let you know what's been going on. I just returned from a four day jaunt to fabulous Las Vegas, where I tried to keep my computer use to a minimum. In a city that never sleeps, it wasn't real hard to accomplish. Instead, I spent my time in a constant sensory overload, with my beautiful wife. A getaway.....just the two of us (which is rare these days with two beautiful daughters). Needless to say the grandparents and sister-in-law had a fun time spending the weekend with the girls.

I know...I know...That picture above looks more like New York. Well, I stayed at the New York New York hotel and casino in Las Vegas. I thought it'd be fun to get a little taste of the east coast while vacationing out west.

So, as the work week is back upon us, I'm playing a tad bit of catch up, while trying to reenergize for the week ahead. Stay tuned!! Stay with me!! I'll have some great content in the days to come!

By the way....How do you "reenergize?" What's your strategy or approach to rejuvenation? Sleep? Caffeine? Exercise? A walk in the park? We all have times where we need to make a conscious effort to reenergize for the road ahead. So what are your tactics?


Rosa Say said...

What timing for me reading this Eric, for I think re-energizing is something I must intentionally focus on these days. I am succumbing to several distractions, but on the other hand, I am recognizing that a certain degree of inherent wisdom may reside in veering off course now and again... a kind of Providence conspiring to keep me grounded in reality.

Personally I have to start well. I know my mornings are always the most productive part of my day and so I best be taking advantage of them. When life interferes otherwise, getting outside for a short walk helps me immensely.

Strategically, I have been trying to match up my attentions with my intentions better (it's our theme this month on Joyful Jubilant Learning); that attention/intention mantra is proving to be a good one with natural self-coaching to it.

Pete Jones said...

I try to get a good sweat and a workout in to re-energize, works every time. Going for a run or a swim to just clear the mind is the best way for me.